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Mr. Ramprasad Singh was a kind dutiful and meek person by nature born in a farmer family at Village Mitthauli in Mathura district. His life was a legend itself, He realized that his locality was full of talents but the people were unaware of it. He thought of it and found the key to unlock this problem of ignorance, This key was education with this thought he revealed his opinion to his younger brother Mr. Yugal Singh Chaudhary Rtrd. Principal of Adarsh Inter College Mitthauli for the bright future of the students who were unaware of their qualities Mr Yugal Singh Chaudhary knew that time had changed There was a time when to pass Allahabad Board Exam was proud of itself But CBSE has overcome other boards So respecting his elder brothers opinion Mr. Yugal Singh Chaudhary for the moral and physical development of children made Mr. Mahipal Singh eldest son of Mr Ramprasad Singh found a CBSE school N.R.I. Public School Mitthauli Mathura among many villages Mr. Mahipal Singh believes that The wisest mind of the world may be on the last bench of the class So keeping this psalm in his heart he made no distinction between a pupil and destitute pupil He gives the equal opportunity to each child Even he provides discount to BPL card holders He thinks only an ideal and experienced teacher can get the pupils the real education that time needs education free from castism free from classism free from religious distinction and free from nepotism.